Can’t wait for December….

November has been very crazy. I try to do at least two posts/projects a month and this November I haven’t had the chance to work on anything. All I can say is that I literally can’t wait for December. There have been some big changes in my personal life and its giving me more time to focus on my blog and painting which I’m SO excited about. This month I’m going to try to get three project done. I have one desk that is made of solid cherry, a small armoire (I think its burlwood), and a dining set that consists of one large round dining table and it has four chairs with rushing (all in great condition!). The dining table looks like the previous owner had tried painting it before but it really needs some work. The hard part is going to be deciding which piece to start on first! So on that note, lets do a vote!!

img_0125  img_0308 img_0520

Talk soon,


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