French Provincial King Bed

I’m so excited to share the bed that I found for our master bedroom! When searching for furniture I try my best to buy second hand. I’m constantly search Craig’s List, Offer Up, and Let Go. There are also the Buy, Barter, Sell pages/Marketplace on Facebook. They all come in handy because you never know what you’re going to find. So far I’ve paid $150 or less for each piece in our room. The things I find are not always in the best condition but that doesn’t mean I can’t make it work.
This bed I found using the app Offer Up. Ryan and I were able to drive down to Lake Worth and bring it back on our trailer. It had some rough spots on the wood and the cane, but I was certain I could hide all those imperfections with some paint.

The first thing I did was clean it off with some water and vinegar and then wiping it dry. I used every bit of the two-quart bag of Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint in the color Mora mixed with the bonding agent (there was a finish on the surface.) This was the largest piece I’ve worked on yet and it took me allll day! I needed two coats to cover the wood since the color was so light. I had to go back in with a tiny brush to get all the little hand carved areas covered, especially the feet. I love this color because even though it has a little blue/green in it, its such a pretty neutral.

I used some sandpaper to distress some areas a little and I love how it just gives the piece a little more dimension opposed from looking flat. Also, those hand carved areas, they just look so beautiful with some distressing and really stand out! To finish it off I used Miss Mustard Seed’s Lavender Scented Furniture Wax. I’m so obsessed with this scented wax!! I’m a sucker for anything scented lavender and this stuff smells so good!! I highly recommend ordering it.

Here she is in all her glory!! All she needs are the perfect nightstands!

The French Settee

This is my first successful upholstery project!! I’ve only had one other project that got a little carried away. I haven’t given up but I needed to move on to something else for now. I found this french settee on the app Let Go! I was originally planning to use it as bench seating at our dining table but the height ended up being too short. After we started shifting some things around our bedroom and the guest bedroom I realized it would be perfect on an empty wall across from our bed. I needed a place to throw all my pillows at night anyways so at least it’ll look pretty.

I painted the settee in Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint in the color Grainsack. I love this color so much because its such a beautiful neutral with a soft grey tone. I didn’t have to use the bonding agent because the wood felt pretty raw. The paint dry very well with a few chips here and there but that’s okay. I painted two coats of to get the color even all over. Then I distressed it with sand paper here and there for more of a worn look. The piece is definitely an oldie but goodie. I wish I knew the story of where it originally came from! To finish it the frame I sealed it with the clear furniture wax.

I had found an antique hemp sheet online and I was so excited to use it on a piece of furniture that would be in our home. I had trouble deciding between this fabric and some other check fabric I had recently ordered, but I just loved the simplicity of the sheet with its nubby texture and the soft creamy color with the paint color! It was just so soft and pretty.

I’m not going to lie, it took me a while to get the upholstery done right. There was even a point were I thought that I cut slightly too far and wasn’t going to be able to use this sheet for this project. I had to take a few days off from it because I was getting so frustrated. All I have to say is that it definitely helps to have a friend help you with holding and pulling. The second pair of hands can do wonders. A friend’s mom (Jeanie) who does a lot of sewing and some upholstery agreed to help after I called her telling her I was starting to pull my hair out (not literally.) She wasn’t sure she could help because she hadn’t worked on this type of chair before but she was willing to try. She was also excited to see how my SureBonder Upholstery Staple Gun worked because she was looking to get something similar in the future. I absolutely love my 

staple gun! It works like a champ.

So anyways, Jeanie and I brought the settee over to her house and knocked it out in about three hours. I know that sounds like a long time but it was kind of a first for both of us and we’re SO happy with how it turned out! She helped me hold and pull the fabric in the directions that she that would work best and I did the stapling.  I kept telling Jeanie how excited I was that I didn’t completely ruin the fabric, she was able to help me save it!! I really never realized how much fabric can stretch when doing projects like this. By the end of the day, all I needed to do was trim the excess fabric off and add the french gimp to hide the staples but I was going to save that for another day.






Table for Four Please!

I found this table and chairs at my local thrift shop. Once I saw it I knew I could make it beautiful again and find it a new home once I was done with it. The first thing I did was buy CitriStrip paint stripper. I had heard some awful stories about different (strong & dangerous) paint strippers and I wanted to try to use something that I didn’t have horrible fumes. CitriStrip was wonderful to use and I would definitely use it again. I bought it at my local Lowes for about $12. It took about three coats and scraping to get all the paint off. This table had SO many layers of yucky paint on it. Once the paint was off I also used mineral spirits and medium-grit steel wool to clean up what was left on it, buffing it out in a circular motion.

Once the table top was all clean, I started my sanding. I went in my usual pattern (80-220-400-600). I didn’t worry about the pedestal or the chairs because I was going to use some paint that I had in my craft area from another project. I used the Valspar Furniture Paint in Sherwin Williams’ Salt Marshes. This paint was great for two reasons: its made to use on furniture and it leaves no brush strokes.

Back to the table top: I wanted to stain the top to match the color of the rushed seats and ended up choosing the color Early American from Minwax. I covered the top with three coats and then used my 320-grit sanding block to even it out. Lastly, I used my Miss Mustard Seed’s Antiquing Wax to give the top more of a distressed look. I love the finish that the wax leaves once its buffed out. It provides a nice smooth sheen and not anything that is super shiny like most polyurethanes.

Above you can see the before and after photos. Let me know if you have any questions about any of the products I used, I’d be happy to answer them!

The Antique Cherry Desk


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As a promise to myself, I was going to start December off with a bang! As I write that sentence I realize we’re pretty much at the end of the month.  I wanted to try to get a few pieces done this month. My first project on the list was the antique cherry desk. I’m trying to follow that whole FIFO (First In First Out) thing when I bring pieces home. When I saw this desk I absolutely loved the profile and I couldn’t wait to bring it home. I knew there was a lot of potential and the fact the it had extra storage was a huge plus.

I started off with removing the table top from the base and then separating the shelving/drawers from the table top. Then I sanded the table top down starting with an 80 grit to remove the varnish working 411gjopnjxl-_sx425_my way through 220, 400, and then 600. The 600 grit makes the wood so smooth, but its important to take the gradual steps of using the different grits. For those of you wondering which sander has been my go to, it’s been my handy-dandy Black & Decker Mouse Sander! This little gadget has worked wonders for me and makes the job a lot easier. I’ll do a separate post review my sander for those inquiring. Once I was done 513oftutd4l-_sy679_sanding, I vacuumed and wiped down the surface with a damp cloth. I
chose to give the exposed wood a hemp oil treatment to show off the beautiful natural wood grain I uncovered. I personally like to apply the hemp oil with a paint brush so it worked its’ way into the grain. While I was letting the table top dry, I started working on the base. It took me a while to find the right color because the cherry wood had such a warm tone to it and I didn’t want to pair it with a color that was too cool. Being a turquoise girl, I decided to go with Kitchen Scale from
fullsizerenderMiss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint
. My husband Ryan was actually the one that convinced me to go with the turquoise. He can have a good eye when it comes to design. Since I didn’t sand the base down to remove the varnish I paired the milk paint with the bonding agent (from her paint line). In a previous post (dining table) I mentioned when to use this product. It took about two coats to get the color even.  Lastly I used the clear waxed all over the desk and buffed it out to seal it.

When I was looking for new hardware, I was having a hard time finding the right size knobs (<1″D for the smaller drawers) to match new pulls
for the other drawers. I knew I wanted to go with an antique brass finish and luckily it the same finish of the originally hardware. I ordered these (link attached) 3″ cup pulls andgliderite-hardware-classic-3-center-cup-bin-pull-4198 I was lucky to get the last set before they sold out! I’m so happy that I kept the original knobs even though they’re a little worn out but I think it adds a little more character to the piece as a whole.

Lastly my mom helped convince me to line the drawers with fabric. I was img_0734originally looking for a plush velour but my local Joann’s only had black,
red, and dark green. I wasn’t thrilled with the color selection for this piece. I decided to go with a turquoise deer toile fabric I already had. I painted Mod Podge directly on the bottom of the drawers, then painted another layer on top, let it dry and cut the edges with my craft knife.

I’ve had this desk since October, and while I can’t believe I’ve finally refinished it, I’m so happy its going to a home where I’ll be able to see it. My best friend’s sister actually bought it from me and I know they will take good care of it.

I hope you all have enjoyed reading this post. Please let me know if you have any questions that I can answer.

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!





Can’t wait for December….

November has been very crazy. I try to do at least two posts/projects a month and this November I haven’t had the chance to work on anything. All I can say is that I literally can’t wait for December. There have been some big changes in my personal life and its giving me more time to focus on my blog and painting which I’m SO excited about. This month I’m going to try to get three project done. I have one desk that is made of solid cherry, a small armoire (I think its burlwood), and a dining set that consists of one large round dining table and it has four chairs with rushing (all in great condition!). The dining table looks like the previous owner had tried painting it before but it really needs some work. The hard part is going to be deciding which piece to start on first! So on that note, lets do a vote!!

img_0125  img_0308 img_0520

Talk soon,