French Provincial Dining Table




I recently came across two awesome antiimg_0154ques at the local thrift shop. One was a beautiful writers’ desk in solid cherry and the other was a French Provincial style dining room table. I was excited to see that both were made of solid wood and very well made. I just recently finished up working on the dining room table, and boy is she pretty!

img_0268I first started sanding the top of the table down. Since it already had a varnish on it, I had to start with an 80 grit sandpaper on my Black & Decker mouse sander in order to get down to the wood.  Next, I took 220 to smooth out all of the knicks that had been left from its’ previous life. This table had definitely been through some wear and tear. For the last two rounds, I used 400 and then 600. Let me tell you, that table top is as soft as a baby’s bottom! I wish I had used it on our breakfast nook’s table top. I also removed all the hardware from under the table to make sure all the old stains and markings were removed. It looks brand spankin’ new!!

After I was done sanding, I wiped down the surface with a damp cloth and 513oftutd4l-_sy679_dried it with my microfiber towel. Instead of covering the wood with a stain, I used hemp oil (for the first time) to showcase the beautiful natural wood grain. I poured my hemp oil into a small glass bowl and applied it with a paint brush. I wanted to try hemp oil on this table for two reasons: it’s organic and is a natural hydrant for wood, as lotion is for our skin. Hemp oil also does wonders on cuticles so if you wanted to apply it to furniture with your hands, go for it!
img_0269Now to the base: I painted the base and legs using MMS Milk Paint in Farmhouse White. It took about three coats to finally get the color even while making sure the wood wasn’t coming through. After a few days past and everything had dried, I took 220 grit sand paper to lightly distress the areas where the table would naturally wear. For the last step, I took MMS Furniture Wax in Clear and buffed it all over the legs, furniture-waxthe base, and the table top to seal it. Here is the finished product! I’m so happy with the way this turned out! Let me know what you all think! She’s so pretty I’m going to have a hard time parting with this one!