The French Settee

This is my first successful upholstery project!! I’ve only had one other project that got a little carried away. I haven’t given up but I needed to move on to something else for now. I found this french settee on the app Let Go! I was originally planning to use it as bench seating at our dining table but the height ended up being too short. After we started shifting some things around our bedroom and the guest bedroom I realized it would be perfect on an empty wall across from our bed. I needed a place to throw all my pillows at night anyways so at least it’ll look pretty.

I painted the settee in Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint in the color Grainsack. I love this color so much because its such a beautiful neutral with a soft grey tone. I didn’t have to use the bonding agent because the wood felt pretty raw. The paint dry very well with a few chips here and there but that’s okay. I painted two coats of to get the color even all over. Then I distressed it with sand paper here and there for more of a worn look. The piece is definitely an oldie but goodie. I wish I knew the story of where it originally came from! To finish it the frame I sealed it with the clear furniture wax.

I had found an antique hemp sheet online and I was so excited to use it on a piece of furniture that would be in our home. I had trouble deciding between this fabric and some other check fabric I had recently ordered, but I just loved the simplicity of the sheet with its nubby texture and the soft creamy color with the paint color! It was just so soft and pretty.

I’m not going to lie, it took me a while to get the upholstery done right. There was even a point were I thought that I cut slightly too far and wasn’t going to be able to use this sheet for this project. I had to take a few days off from it because I was getting so frustrated. All I have to say is that it definitely helps to have a friend help you with holding and pulling. The second pair of hands can do wonders. A friend’s mom (Jeanie) who does a lot of sewing and some upholstery agreed to help after I called her telling her I was starting to pull my hair out (not literally.) She wasn’t sure she could help because she hadn’t worked on this type of chair before but she was willing to try. She was also excited to see how my SureBonder Upholstery Staple Gun worked because she was looking to get something similar in the future. I absolutely love my 

staple gun! It works like a champ.

So anyways, Jeanie and I brought the settee over to her house and knocked it out in about three hours. I know that sounds like a long time but it was kind of a first for both of us and we’re SO happy with how it turned out! She helped me hold and pull the fabric in the directions that she that would work best and I did the stapling.  I kept telling Jeanie how excited I was that I didn’t completely ruin the fabric, she was able to help me save it!! I really never realized how much fabric can stretch when doing projects like this. By the end of the day, all I needed to do was trim the excess fabric off and add the french gimp to hide the staples but I was going to save that for another day.






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